What Is Light Language?

What Is Light Language?

Light Language, Also Known As The Language Of Light Is A Non Linear Form Of Communication. Essentially It Is Pure Consciousness Or Energy/Frequencies Expressed Via Verbal, Written, Or Even Physical Communication Such As Signing. Essentially Light Language Has The Ability To Hold An Immense Amount Of Information. The Linearity Of Human Language Is Very Limiting Emphasizing On Meaning And Logic Which Can Make It Very Challenging To Express Quantum Information. Through Light Expression, We Are Able To Share With Minimal Distortion If Any At All As More Information Is Able To Be Expressed Through Feeling As Well, Utilizing More Than Just The 5 Senses. 

Light Language Is Intelligent And Communicates Directly On A Soul Level In Which It Is Recognized, Cellular Memory Accessed By The DNA Activated Which Could Be Directly Understood Through The Heart Center. The Mind Is Logical Therefore Is Not Able To Comprehend The Language Of The Universe Like The Heart Which Is Non Linear, Multidimensional. On Some Level Light Language Is Also Recognized As "Speaking In Tongues", Which The Soul Is Able To Express Without Egoic Filters. 

Whether One Is Simply Gazing At Light Art, Hearing Light Language, Or Seeing Light Sign Language ~ Know It Is Working On Quantum Levels And Theres Nothing More One Needs To Do But To Relax & Receive ❤️


∞ Love & Blessings ∞

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