Akashic Reading 60 Minute Session
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Akashic Reading 60 Minute Session

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The Akashic Records Is The Space Or Dimension Where All Experience/Thought That Ever Was, Is, And Will Be Is Stored (Human & Non Human) ~ An Amalgamation Of Consciousness If You Will. Multidimensional, It Is An Etheric Quantum Field That Permeates All Reality.

Working With The Akashic Records Date Back To Ancient Civilizations Such As Babylon, Sumer, & Egypt. Every Question Has An Answer, In This Space We Are Able To Acquire Direct Wisdom & Knowledge. Retrieving Information From Ones Akasha Is A Way To Receive Insight From An Expanded Perspective Pertaining To Ones Soul Journey. This Session Has No Limits To How Questions Are Formed.  

This Akashic Reading Is Unique As It Also Includes An Element Of Healing. Depending On The Question The Guides Often Like To Bring In Additional Energies In Order To Offer More Clarity And Deeper Understanding.  

This Session Includes

  • 60 Minute Skype Phone Call 
  • Recording Of Session
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      Please Note I Do Not Make Psychic Predictions, The Focus Is On Healing & Empowerment. You Will Be Contacted 24 Hours Prior For Confirmation And Skype Details.

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