Harmonic Star Resonators

Chakra Orgonite Pendants

Frequency Is The Nature Of Reality. As You May Know, We Are All Made Of Energy. We Have The Ability To Pick And Choose The Reality We Wish To Experience.

For Those Of Us Who Make The Conscious Choice To Live A More Peaceful And Harmonious Existence, We May Run Into Outdated Patterns Or Energies That Need Clearing As We Shift Our Frequency. The Blessing Is We Have Tools To Assist Us On The Journey Of Remembering, Returning To Our Natural State Of Being. The Use Of Crystals Is An Ancient Modality That Has Benefited Humanity In This Way For As Long As We Can Remember. Crystals Carry Specific Codes Of Consciousness (Tones) That We Can Integrate In Order To Create Balance And Harmony.

Harmonic Star Resonators Are Orgone Based Technology That Work With Crystals, Sound, & Light To Facilitate Transformation By Transmuting Plus Transmitting Frequencies As Well. This Works On A Cellular Level Activating Dormant Strands Of DNA. These Healing Devices Are Programmed With A Range Of Multidimensional Frequencies, We Bring Them In To Operate On A Higher Spectrum Of Reality Which Is More Authentic In Nature. The Galactic Tones Combined With The Different Properties Of Gemstones Make A Powerful Ally For Anyone On The Ascension Journey. Harmonic Star Resonators Have The Ability To Assist Us In Connecting With Divine Intelligence And Resonating Star Systems. With This Connection Also Comes Communication With These Aspects And Cosmic Guidance. Working With The Energies By Wearing The Amulets Or Having Transmuters In Ones Space Calls For Integration Of Expanded Levels Of Self. It Assists In Bringing Us Back To Our Natural State.

Namaste 🕉 

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