What Exactly Is Orgonite?

Smokey Quartz Orgonite

One Cannot Dive Into The Topic Of Orgonite Without Discussing Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Amazing Work Surrounding Life Force Energy Also Known As Chi Or Prana. Dr. Wilhelm Reich Was A German Born Psychiatrist Who Studied Life Force Energy Related To Psychology And Biology. His Theory Would Be Known As Orgone Energy. Through His Research, Dr. Reich Discovered Many Of The Illnesses Within His Patients Were Caused By Blockages Of Life Force Energy Within The Human Energy Field. Life Force Energy Can Also Be Seen As Sexual Energy Or Creative Energy In Which He Termed Orgone. He Created A Device Called An Orgone Accumulator Which Is A Box Chamber Surrounded By Layers Of Inorganic And Organic Material That Accumulates Concentrated Amounts Of Healthy Orgone Energy Within The Chamber. Patients Would Sit In This Concentrated Amount Of Life Force Energy In Order To Remove And Clear Blockages. With Success He Continued Expanding His Work With The Human Aura And Biology Until He Was Sent To Prison And Died In 1957. His Work Lives On! 

Orgonite Crystal Grid

There Are Many Forms Of Orgone Technology Today Such As The Cloud Buster, Orgone Pyramids, Tower Busters, And Orgone Jewelry To Name A Few Which Is All An Extension Of The Accumulator. The Basic Formula To Create A Device Only Requires A Few Materials Such As Clear Quartz Crystals, Metal Shavings, And Fiberglass Resin. The Fiberglass Resin Creates The Matrix Of The Device While The Layer Of Organic (Quartz) And Inorganic (Metals) Create The Accumulator Effect. It's Important To Note That The Modern Day Orgonite Is Quite Different Than The Original Accumulator. Rather Than Containing Concentrated Amounts Of Orgone Energy In One Space, We Can Now Have It Dispersing Out In Our Environment! Quartz Crystals Are Piezoelectric In Nature Meaning It Carries An Electrical Charge When It's Held In A Tight Space, Therefore Orgonite Has More Of A Transmutation Effect Vs Just Accumulating. The Metals Within The Matrix Attract Deadly Orgone Energy While The Quartz Crystal Transmutes It Into Beneficial Life Force Energy.

Orgonite Art And Jewelry Have The Ability To Transmute Toxic Energy Into Life Giving Energy In Our Environment Creating A Sense Of Harmony, Peace, And Wellness. More And More Everyday We Are Becoming Aware Of The Dangers Of Dirty EMF (Harmful Orgone Energy) Emitted From Wifi And Electronics. Orgonite Is A Great Way To Combat This By Clearing These Emissions Around Your Pets, Plants, Family, And You. Orgonite Are Also Widely Used For Healing As Well Due To Its Transmuting Effects When Worn Or Placed On The Body. 


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