- Lemurian New Earth Codes -

Lemurian New Earth DNA Light Language Light Code Activation

Lemurian Light Codes For Collective Stability, Balance, & Harmony. A World In Unity Consciousness ~ A Pristine Mother Gaia Where All Sentient Beings Live In Coherence With Nature. 🌏✨

Soul Expression & Authentic Soul Based Living Is The Norm. Mother Gaia’s Original Divine Blueprint ~ Her Sanctuary Restored. 🦋✨

Anchoring Codes Of Loving Divine Support For Our Children, Providing Everything They Need To Fulfill Their Soul’s Desires, Experiencing Nothing But A Peaceful & Harmonious Existence. 💗✨
May We All Be Open To The Infinite Love & Support Of The Universe. May We All Feel Safe, Connected, Abundant, And Secure. May Mother Gaia Truly Be Revered & Honored By Humanity, Truly Creating Heaven On Earth. 🕊 ∞ Love & Blessings ∞ Namaste 🕉✨ 


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✧ Please Check Out This Link For More About Light Language: What Is Light Language?  

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