- Akasha -

Akashic Records Lemuria Pleiadian Sirian Light Language Codes Art

Pleiadian ~ Lemurian ~ Sirian Light Codes Attuning One To The Frequency Of The Akashic Records 🌌

Clearing Our Channel Allowing Us To Receive Soul Wisdom & Guidance 💙

Releasing Distortion, Density, & Separation 💫 Supporting The Ability To Perceive Through The Eye Of The Whole 🐋 Offering Clarity, Expansion, Presence, & Understanding 🌈 Pristine Akashic Awareness

This Transmission Also Supports Those Who Are Actively Or Interested In Working Within The Akashic Field, Encoded With Information Activating Clearer Communication & Receptivity


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✧ Please Check Out This Link For More About Light Language: What Is Light Language? ✧ 

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