- Ascend -

Ascend Light Codes

✨🧬 Ascend 🧬✨ Original Divine Blueprint Activation ~ Etheric Triple Helix DNA Template ~ Several Aspects Had A Hand In Cocreating This Beautiful Transmission 👽🌌 Pleiadian, Lemurian, Sirian, Zeta, Mantis, & Dolphin Light Codes For Activating The Expansion Of Crystalline Consciousness-Multidimensionality, Holding More Information/Light Within Ones Quantum Field, The Ability To Retain/Sustain Expanded Cosmic States Of Awareness, Soul Embodiment, Divine Presence, Complete Love~Bliss & Joy 💎🐬


May We All Live A Life Of Peace And Harmony ~ Experiencing The Highest Realities Of Our Hearts Hopes, Wishes, Dreams, & Desires 💜🙏🏽 Xo


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