Why We Use Copper Wire

Copper Orgonite 6 StarWhether You Have A Basic Understanding Or Not In Regards To What Orgonite Is And How It Functions, There Are Some Common Themes That You May Recognize In All Of The Different Creations. Many Of You May Have Noticed Copper Wire Being Used In Different Ways Such As Crystals Being Wrapped In Copper Wire, Or Copper Coils Being Placed Somewhere Along The Piece Of Orgonite. I Would Like To Offer Some Sort Of Explanation To Understand Why This Is Being Done And If You Are On The Journey Of Being An Orgonite Tech As I Would Like To Call It, Hopefully This Will Offer Some Assistance.

First I Would Like To Briefly Talk About The Properties Of Copper Before I Continue. Copper Among Several Other Metals Are Highly Conductive To Heat And Electricity Giving Them The Ability To Transfer Energy Most Efficiently. Essentially Copper Has The Ability To Ground And Transfer A Wide Array Of Vibrational Frequencies From The Spiritual To The Physical. Copper Can Carry Crystal Energies The Same Way It Carries Electricity! 

Copper Coil Orgonite Now That We Understand That Quartz Crystals Have A Piezoelectric Effect (Stated In Previous Post), We Use Copper Wire In Order To Not Only Amplify The Energy Produced By The Quartz Crystals But To Direct The Flow Of This Energy. Now The Question Is, It Necessary To Copper Wire Crystals Or Not? The Answer Is No, Its Not Necessary What So Ever. There Is Already A Flow Of Energy Coming Through The Point Of The Crystal, The Only Difference Is That The Direction Of The Energy Is Not As Refined As A Crystal Wrapped In Copper Wire Not To Mention The Effects Of Amplification. Copper Coils Placed At The Bottom, Top, Or Sides Of An Orgonite Is To Assist In The Over All Flow Of Energy Throughout The Matrix. The Rule Of Thumb Is That The Copper Should Be Coiled Clockwise To Direct The Energy In A Downward Spiral Or Anticlockwise For An Upward Spiral. 

You Could Also Ask The Question If Copper Coils Are Necessary As Well? Again The Answer Is No, Its Really Up To The Artist On How They Would Like Their Orgonite To Work. One Could Use Copper Coils Without Wrapping The Quartz, Vice Versa, Both, Or None At All! Its Totally Up To The Creator.


Namaste 🕉

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  • Loretta on

    OK, I now understand, "That The Copper Should Be Coiled Clockwise To Direct The Energy In A Downward Spiral Or Anticlockwise For An Upward Spiral. " But what is the purpose behind directing the energy up or down, and shouldn’t we direct it sideways so it points at us?

  • Olivia on

    I just have to say I have watched two of your videos now and read a couple of blog posts and I just love learning from you. I am really interested in starting to create my own orgonites now that I have benefitted from the couple I bought elsewhere and I am just so grateful to you for creating these videos and posts. P.S. your pieces are seriously dazzling.

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