Orgonite Resin Guide

The Most Common, Basic, And Initial Question Asked On The Beginning Of The Journey.. "What Type Of Resin Do I Use!?" Through Trial And Error, I Am Here To Shed Some Light On What Resin To Work With In Order To Create Beautiful Pieces Of Orgonite Art! 

Epoxy Resin

There Are 3 Main Types Of Resin Used Today For Arts & Crafts 

 Epoxy – Epoxy Resin Is The Most Common And Probably Convenient Resin Used. Toxicity Is Always A Concern When Working With Compounds Or Chemicals Like Resin But Fortunately Epoxy Resin Is Actually The Least Toxic! Epoxy Resin Is Safe Enough To Work With In A Well Ventilated Room Without A Respirator Mask. Epoxy is Very Forgivable When It Comes To Pot Time Which Gives You A Considerable Amount Of Time To Work With It Before It Begins To Cure. One Thing I Can Say About Epoxy Resin Is That It Is The Softest Of The Bunch, Meaning Its Easier To Scratch Or Dent Vs Polyester Or Polyurethane Which Cures Quite Hard.  

Polyester & Polyurethane – The Great Thing Is That These Resins Both Cure Very Hard Like Glass And Can Be Polished To A High Gloss. Unfortunately These Compounds Are Very Toxic! These Resins Require A Respirator Mask To Be Worn When Working With Them. Polyester Resin Has A Very Short Pot Time Which Doesn't Give Much Time To Work And The Surface Exposed To Air During Curing Can Remain Sticky. Polyurethane Cures Well But The Challenge Is That This Resin Is Very Sensitive To Moisture Or Even Humidity. Moisture Sensitivity With Polyurethane Makes It Difficult To Add Any Other Elements Such AS Ormus, Liquid Pigments, Or Dyes Unless Its Specific ally Formulated For It 

Advice & Recommendations

pour_clear_resin_paintAll In All, I Personally Prefer To Work With Epoxy Resin For All Of My Projects. Epoxy Is The Safest And All Around Most Convenient Resin To Work With Especially For Beginners. It’s A Very Forgiving Resin. Of Course Its Important To Always Use Proper Safety Precautions When Working With Any Resin But Thankfully Epoxy Is The Least Harmful. There Are All Type of Epoxy Resins Available Today Including Eco Friendly! I Also Recommend Working With Epoxy Resin Especially When Creating Jewelry. 

Make Sure To Get Both Resin + Hardener In Case They Don't Come Together In Which They Usually Do. Ratio Is Also Very Important So Make Sure To Follow Directions And Pay Attention! I Would Like To note That Every Single Type Of Resin Does Turn Yellow Overtime Especially If It Is Exposed To The Sun Or UV. The Good News Is, There Are Solutions To This. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resins Formulated Specifically To Resist Yellowing Is Available.

Please Check Out This Link KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN EPOXIES AND RESINS For More Info Which Will Help To Make Up Your Mind.

Remember There Is No “Best” Resin Out There, It Just Depends On How Or What You Create. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Different Resins, In Time You Will Find What Works Best For You.

Namaste 🕉

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