Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)
Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)
Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)
Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)
Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)
Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)
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Harmonic Star Resonator - Pet Orgone Amulet (Sodalite + Blue Lace Agate)

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∞ Uses ∞

Harmonic Star Resonator ~ Pet Amulet ~ Orgone Pet Tag

Known Benefits Include

  • Protection By Neutralizing Deadly Radiation From Harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Transmutation Of Low Vibrational Energies
  • Breaking & Clearing Stagnant Or Blocked Energy
  • Charging Food & Water
  • Increase Of Life Force Energy In Self & Environment
  • Promote Healing, Balance, & Harmony

∞ Process ∞

Every Crystal Is Cleansed And Then Charged With The Energy Of The Pyramid Ensuring They Emit The Highest Of Frequencies.

All Quartz Crystals Are Coded/Activated In The Sun When Aligned To Galactic Center, This Allows Cosmic Energies To Infuse The Quartz Crystals With Galactic Frequencies In Order To Support Waking Up Dormant Strands Of DNA. Healing Occurs On A Multidimensional Level With Infinite Possibilities, As Each Piece Is Filled With Star Consciousness!

The Quartz Crystals Are Programmed With 432 Hz And The Complete Ancient Solfeggio Transmission Frequencies.

174 Hz - Relieves Pain & Stress
285 Hz - Heals Tissues & Organs
396 Hz - Eliminates Fear & Obstacles
417 Hz - Wipes Out Negativity
528 Hz - Repairs DNA, Brings Positive Transformation
639 Hz - Brings Love & Compassion In Life
741 Hz - Detoxifies Cells & Organs
852 Hz - Awakens Intuition, Raises Energy At Cellular Level
963 Hz - Connects To Higher Self

These Healing Tones Permeate Deeply Into Your Cells. It Awakens, Heals, Regenerates, & Assists The Activation Of Your Original Divine Blueprint. During The Curing Process The Quartz Crystals Are Also Programmed With Archangelic Frequencies For Divine Guidance & Attunement.

∞ Metals ∞

Gold Is A Solar Ray Metal, Carrying A Stimulating Fire Element Frequency To Assist In Expressing Energy In The World. Gold Is Associated With The Sun, Fire, Life Force In Its Creative Mode, The Yang Energy, And Christ Consciousness. Gold Is The Metal Of Revitalizing The Physical Energies And Supports Integrity. Gold Stimulates All Chakras But Especially The Base Through Third Chakras Helping One In Overcoming Fear. It Brings Joy, Excitement, And Optimism Into The Energy Field Evoking Strength, Determination, And Will.

Silver Is The Metal Of The Goddess, The Moon, The Night, The Secret, The Mysterious, The High Priestess, The Female Energy, The Life Force In Its Hidden Aspect. Silver Aids In Cooling Excess Heat In The Body. It Is An Excellent Antibacterial And Anti-Viral Agent. It Can Help Bolster The Immune Systems Ability To Fight Infection. Silver Brings Emotional Balance, Relaxation, And Calmness.

Copper Supports Iron in The Formation Of Red Blood Cells And Hemoglobin. Copper Is An Important Part Of The Formation Of Tissues, And It Can Assist The Body In Repairing Tissues After Accident, Injury, Or Surgery. It Is An Excellent All Around Metal To Aid In Physical Healing And Recovery Work. Generally Copper Increases Vitality And Physical Healing.

∞ Crystals ∞ 

Clear Quartz Known As The Master Healer Is The Most Versatile And Multidimensional Stone In The Mineral Realm. Clear Quartz Contains The Full Spectrum Of Light Working On Every Level Bringing The Body Into Balance. It Is Effective For All Conditions, Strengthening The Aura And Protecting Against Negative Energies. Clear Quartz Will Help Strengthen Your Pet's Immune System, Which Can Improve Their Overall Health. It Can Also Stimulate Energy Levels. Dog And Cat Owners Can Use It During Training As Quartz Heightens Communication Between The Pet And Its Owner.

∞ Gemstones ∞

Blue Lace Agate Is A Cooling And Soothing Stone. This Stone Brings Calmness & Tranquility, Detachment From Irritation & Annoyance, And Bring Relaxation & Pleasantness. This Crystal Will Aid An Animal That Shows A Grumpy Tendency Or Bad Mood Which Accrues When Animals Show Fear And Are Insecure As A Result Of Trauma. Blue Lace Agate Will Help Any Physical Or Mentally Inflammatory State. Blue Lace Agate Will Aid Dogs That Demand Attention. A Dog Will Become Very Vocal And Demanding When Their Throat Chakra Is Imbalanced. Blue Lace Agate Is Perfect To Aid Calming An Attention-Seeking Animal That Constantly Whining Or In Cats Meows To Gain Notice. It Promotes Sleep, Calms An Anxious Pet, And Boosts Self-Esteem. Treat Symptoms And Ailments Such As Throat Problems, Arthritis, And Infections. Blue Lace Agate Aids Female Animals "In Heat", It Will Lessen Their Nervous, Agitated Behavior, And Imbalances In The Throat Chakra May Lead An Animal To Become Very Vocal And Demanding.

Sodalite Is A Stone Of Insight, Helping To Penetrate Paradox And Contradiction In Order To Form A New Synthesis Of Thought. It Enhances The Mental Powers Of Analysis, Intuition, Observation, And Creativity. Sodalite Is A Stone Of Deep Journey, It Stimulates Psychic Vision And Multileveled Understanding, Sparking Moments Where One Sees The Pattern That Connects The Inner And Outer Worlds. It Increases The Frequency And Accuracy Of Hunches And Gives Pets Confidence In Ones Inner Knowing. It Also Facilitates Entering A Deep Meditative State And Opens The Subconscious. Sodalite Cultivates Detachment From The Concerns And Worries Of Everyday Life, It Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety Promoting A Deep Sense Of Peace.

Selenite Is Fast And Effective At Cleansing The Auric Field, Clearing Congested Energies Or Negativity From The Body On All Levels

Amethyst Is A Powerful All Around Healer; Fleas Dislike The Frequency Of Amethyst; Helps Deal With Arthritis; Strengthens The Blood, Heart And Lungs; Aids Digestion And Stomach Problems And Helps An Animal Deal With Pain. Amethyst's Energy Perks Up Couch Potato Pets, Clears Negative Energy While Balancing Your Pet's Energy Fields, Calms Rattled Nerves, And Is An All-Around Healer. Amethyst May Help To Mitigate Separation Anxiety In Its Calming Role; It Soothes Anger And Impatience And Relieves Excessive Anxiety And Hyperactivity. Amethyst Is Also Said To Moderate Excessive Barking In Dogs, Yowling In Cats, And Screeching In Birds! Amethyst Is An Excellent Stone For Calming And Healing. Amethyst Has A Long And Fascinating History, Believed To Be A Stone Of Healing, Integrity, Purity, And Faith. 

Rose Quartz Supports Physical And Psychological Healing. It Is Considered The Quintessential Stone For Love And Relationships. It Has A Gentle Vibration Of Love Which Is Absorbed By Your Pet And Stimulates A Sense Of Peace And Happiness. Rose Quartz Corresponds To The Heart Chakra And Will Assist To Help Build A Loving And Lasting Relationship With Your Pet. Rose Quartz Will Show Your Pet Your Feelings Of Love And Caring. This Stone Can Also Strengthen Both The Heart Muscles And Circulatory Systems. It Can Also Help Heal The Kidneys, Adrenals, And Thymus Glands. It Opens The Heart To Love And Peace, The Natural And Most Powerful State Of Being. Rose Quartz Aids Issues Such As:

- Anger & Aggression
- Animals That "Bristle"
- Fear
- Muscular Tension & Rigidity
- Nervousness
- Past Abuse Or Cruelty
- Resentment
- Seeing All Humans As Bad
- Stress Related Issues

∞ Alchemy ∞

The Colloidal Gold Is Pure 99.99% Submicroscopic 24K Gold Particles In A Colloidal Base Used To Enhance And Amplify The Healing Properties Of Gold

Colloidal Silver Is Pure 99.9% Submicroscopic Silver Particles In A Colloidal Base Used To Enhance And Amplify The Healing Properties Of Silver

Colloidal Copper Is Pure 99.9% Submicroscopic Copper Particles In A Colloidal Base Used To Enhance And Amplify The Healing Properties Of Copper

The Ormus Used Is A Blend Of Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink, Traditional Hawaiian Red Alaea, New Zealand, And Celtic Sea Salts. This Wide Spectrum Of Frequencies Help To Support Healing And Protection.

Pendant Dimensions & Info:
Size - 1.18" x 1.18" x 0.4"
Weight - 1 Oz

Materials: Epoxy Resin And Magnetic Iron, Mica Powder, Ormus And Colloidal Copper, Colloidal Silver And 24K Colloidal Gold, Rose Quartz And Selenite Powder, Iron Shavings And Silver Plated Findings, Clear Quartz And Crushed Arkansas Quartz, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst Powder

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