Harmonic Star Resonator - Universal Chi Copper Amulet (Blue Lace Agate + Iolite) - Galactic - 432 Hz, 528 Hz, & Archangelic Frequency - Magnificent Healing Creations
Harmonic Star Resonator - Universal Chi Copper Amulet (Blue Lace Agate + Iolite) - Galactic - 432 Hz, 528 Hz, & Archangelic Frequency - Magnificent Healing Creations
Harmonic Star Resonator - Universal Chi Copper Amulet (Blue Lace Agate + Iolite) - Galactic - 432 Hz, 528 Hz, & Archangelic Frequency - Magnificent Healing Creations
Harmonic Star Resonator - Universal Chi Copper Amulet (Blue Lace Agate + Iolite) - Galactic - 432 Hz, 528 Hz, & Archangelic Frequency - Magnificent Healing Creations
Harmonic Star Resonator - Universal Chi Copper Amulet (Blue Lace Agate + Iolite) - Galactic - 432 Hz, 528 Hz, & Archangelic Frequency - Magnificent Healing Creations
Magnificent Healing Creations

Harmonic Star Resonator - Universal Chi Orgone Amulet (Blue Lace Agate + Iolite)

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∞ Uses ∞

Healing Occurs On A Multidimensional Level With Infinite Possibilities, Each Piece Is Filled With Star Consciousness!

Benefits Include
  • Neutralizing Deadly Radiation From Harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Transmutation Of Low Vibrational Energies
  • Breaking & Clearing Stagnant Or Blocked Energy
  • Charging Food & Water
  • Increase Of Life Force Energy In Self & Environment
  • Promote Healing, Balance, & Harmony
  • DNA Activation & Galactic Attunement 

∞ Ceremony ∞

Every Single Crystal Is Handled With Extreme Care And Reverence. I Create A Sacred Process Of Purification With Water From Hawaii’s Beautiful Ocean And The Energy Of The Pyramid Ensuring The Crystals Emit The Highest Of Frequencies.

All Quartz Crystals Are Charged And Activated In The Sun When Specifically Aligned To Galactic Center. This Planetary Alignment Is A Time When Higher Dimensional Consciousness Infuse The Quartz Crystals With Galactic Frequencies To Assists Us In Communicating With Resonating Star Systems. The Crystals Can Also Transmit These Codes Helping To Wake Up Dormant DNA.

The Quartz Crystals Are Programmed With 432 Hz And 528 Hz Love, Miracle, & DNA Repair Transmission Frequencies. These Healing Codes Speak Directly To Your Soul And Permeates Deeply Into Your Cells. It Awakens, Heals, Regenerates, & Assists The Activation Of Your Divine Original Blueprint. During The Curing Process The Quartz Crystals Are Also Programmed With Archangelic Frequencies For Divine Guidance & Attunement.

∞ Metals ∞

Copper Is The Metal Of Channeling Energies. It Has The Ability To Ground And Transfer A Wide Array Of Vibrational Frequencies From The Metaphysical To The Physical. Copper Is A Metal That Performs The Essential Task OF Providing The Medium For Manifestation Of The Invisible To The Visible. Crystals Can Be Intensified By Wrapping A Coil Of Copper Around It. It Resonates With The Earth Element And Teaches The Ancient Ways Of Walking In Balance With The Planet And All Beings Upon It. 

∞ Crystals ∞ 

Clear Quartz Also Known As The Master Healer Is The Most Versatile And Multidimensional Stone In The Mineral Realm. Unlike Other Stones Which Carry Certain Relatively Fixed Properties, Clear Quartz Can Assist One In Achieving Virtually Any Goal In Inner Or Outer Life. Clear Quartz Is A Stone Of Light, Bringing Heightened Spiritual Awareness To Whoever Wears, Carries, Or Meditates With It. Clear Quartz Works On All Levels Of The Physical And Energetic Bodies Resonating With All Chakras.

∞ Properties ∞

Rose Quartz – 4th Chakra (Heart) – Rose Quartz Is The Quintessential Stone Of Love For Self And Others. Rose Quartz Helps Dissolves Ones Boundaries Moves One Into The Sense Of Union With All That Is, The Essence Of The Heart. Its Vibrations Soothe The Emotions, Calming And Cleansing The Entire Field. It Engenders the Release Of Tension And Stress, The Dissolution Of Anger And Resentment, Resolution Of Old Emotional Programs, And Linking Ones Personal Heart To The Heart Of The Earth. Rose Quartz Is One Of The Most Important Stones To Wear Or Keep In Ones Environment Activating The Human Crystal.

Blue Lace Agate – 5th Chakra (Throat) – This Stone Is Beneficial For Those Who Have Difficulty Making Themselves Heard By Others Or Wish To Be More Articulate In Their Speech. It Gives The Confidence Necessary To Share Ones Highest Truth With Others Also Helping To Stand Up And Speak In All Situations. It Helps Instill Clarity Of Thought Strengthening The Throat Chakra Amplifying The Power That Comes Through It. This Frequency Opens And Clears The Throat Chakra And Assists In Connecting Ones Communication With Ones Higher Guidance. This Stone Is Excellent For Speaking Ones Thoughts, Beliefs, And Truth In Any Situation. Blue Lace Agate Is The Stone Of Loyalty And Diplomacy Useful For Discernment And Communication.

Iolite – 6th Chakra (Third Eye) – Iolite Activates And Clears The Third Eye Opening One To Visions, Awareness, And Communication From Higher Vibratory Realms. It Can Assist By Increasing The Vividness And Detail Of Inner Visions By Calling Up Symbols From Deep In The Psyche That Will Clearly Illuminate The Issues One Must Face For Continued Growth. It Increases One’s Capacity To Move Forward Into Areas Of Old Fear, Teaching One That The Exploration Of One’s Wounds Is The Most Direct Path To Healing. This Is A Stone Of Inner Treasures. Iolite Also Assists In Blending Normal Conscious Thinking With Intuitive Knowing. Wearing Iolite Can Help Awaken And Sustain One’s Psychic Gifts, Excellent For Mediums, Astrologers, Tarot Readers, And Other Intuitive Channels Of Inner Information. It Can Also Help Access To Information From Past Lives, It Seems To Have A Special Attunement To The Periods Of History Associated With The Cathars, Knights Templar, And Arthurian Legends. Iolite Is A Stone Of The Muses In That It Activates The Visionary, Creative Side Of The Mind Allowing One To Access Idea And Thoughts Originating Beyond This Dimension.

Selenite – 6th Chakra (Third Eye), 7th Chakra (Crown), 8th Chakra And Beyond (Etheric) – Selenite Quickly Opens And Activates The Third Eye, Crown, And Soul Star Chakra Above The Head. The Intensity Of Energy Delivered By Selenite Is Greater Than Almost Any Other Stone For The Upper Chakras. Selenite Is Fast And Effective At Cleansing The Auric Field, Clearing Congested Energies Or Negativity From Ones Body On All Levels. Selenite Can Lift Ones Awareness To Higher Planes Of Inner Experience Making It Possible For One To Communicate With One’s Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels. Selenite Is The Key That Unlocks The Doorway To The Etheric Chakras. Its Frequency Opens, Clears, And Activates The Crown Transforming It Into A Gateway To The Higher Levels Of Self.

∞ Alchemy ∞

The Clear Quartz Crystal Is Coiled With Pure Copper Wire To Amplify And Assist The Flow Of Energy Throughout The Energy Field

Crushed Arkansas Quartz For Extra Amplification

The Ormus Used Is A Blend Of Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink, Traditional Hawaiian Red Alaea, New Zealand, And Celtic Sea Salts. This Wide Spectrum Of Frequencies Help To Support Healing And Expansion Of Consciousness.

Colloidal Copper Is Pure 99.9% Submicroscopic Copper Particles In A Colloidal Base Used To Enhance And Amplify The Healing Properties Of Copper

Charged Holy Zam Zam Water Is Used To Keep The Matrix Of The Amulet Purified To Prevent Neutralization Over Time

Additionally These Amazing Treasures Are Infused With The High Vibes Of Hawaii! <3

Pendant Dimensions:
Size - 1.5" x .5"
Weight - 1 Oz

Materials: Ormus, Rose Quartz And Selenite Powder, Crushed Arkansas Quartz, Antique Copper Findings, Aluminum Shavings, Copper Wire, Copper Flakes, Epoxy Resin, Zam Zam Water, Colloidal Copper, Clear Quartz, Iolite, Blue Lace Agate

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